How to edit a document in Sumatra PDF


How to edit a document in Sumatra PDF


Sumatra is a reader, not an editor, so we don’t have editing functionality.


Hi and thanks for this awesome product and your kind reply.
Are there any plans to implement editing or form filling functionality in Sumatra PDF?


I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you.


To be clear, to read a file and to interact with its content - way too much different things. It requires OCR and stuff, [Moderator comment since this was unclear to others.] What should be considered here is that, Form Filling may require conversion and almost certainly some form of scripting (which is notoriously a security concern)] needs includes the need to have thousands of lines of code - not a free tool could afford that. Check out Adobe Acrobat or PDFfiller: [Moderator note the following is not endorsed but a common alternative] ( - paid tool were made for such a purpose


No, you don’t need OCR to fill a PDF or edit content! Most of PDF are “real” PDF (with text, not scanned text)