Sumatra PDF is a PDF, ePub, MOBI, CHM, XPS, DjVu, CBZ, CBR reader for Windows

Split / Merge PDFs using Sumatra

Hello! I am researching affordable, aka free pdf software for my coworkers that could really use a program that allows them to import and extract pages in a document.
Can anyone confirm that the free downloadable Sumatra PDF program would actually include this feature?

Sumatra PDF is a reader and is not designed to allow document editing. If there are no PDF restrictions imposed by the author then it will allow copying of text and images, but that’s about it.

Whilst there are ways to script the current page location to a backend editor application, a feature used with LaTeX editors that can add or remove PDF contents on the fly, that is unlikely to suite your intended usage.
SumatraPDF can be used in a commercial setting as a frontend to any enhanced virtual printer, which in turn can add or remove pages as required.

Several virtual printers are available, and I am not endorsing these two, simply offering their features page as possibly meeting some requirements

One is

The other is
There is NO connection with the recommendation on that site to combine with SumatraPDF

Since split and merge is a highly popular topic I am updating the information to show what can be achieved with SumatraPDF Pre-Release i.e. not the standard release. These extra features may not always be available, so back up any working copy of the pre-release.exe

In any PDF right click will allow you to combine (a.k.a. merge) multiple PDF files with some limitations via the New Bookmarks options.
You can use 3 methods to ADD other PDF files either drag and drop one PDF at a time or use the bottom left button or the context entry
Then save the files as a new MERGED PDF without Bookmarks even though you are using the ToC editor to achieve this. Searchable pages will still be searchable, unlike printing a combination of files to an image based virtual pdf printer.
If you also want to save as a “Virtual PDF” with bookmarks then use “Save as Virtual PDF” to save a .vbkm file.

Splitting pages only to image based files can be done most easily by using command line instructions to the Microsoft PDF printer, as discussed in other topics.
in short -print-to "Microsoft Print to PDF" -print-settings %p "%1"
but you will still need to provide a named output file or filename port, for automation you will find a programmable Print Driver as included in some of the above mentioned products is better.

Alternatively if non comercial users wish to extract just the current page we can combine with cpdf (other products are available) using SumatraPDF settings by adding to ExternalViewers
CommandLine = "path to\cpdf.exe" "%1" %p "%1-page-%p"