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I wanted to try the View > Bookmarks function but it is always greyed out. I pressed F12 but nothing changed.

Do I miss something?

I’m using v3.1.2 64-bit.


Bookmarks are supplied with the PDF so its grey until you open a pdf that contains them.
SumatraPDF has a similar function called Favorites that you can use to keep a list of favourite locations these are stored in the settings file thus do not change the PDF. They can be renamed if you wish or added removed as you go along.

If you rename the pdf you will also need to rename the same entry in the settings file.


Thanks for your detailed reply. Very appreciated :grinning:

Then I was actually looking for Favorites in SumatraPDF vocabulary. I opened another file and this time the bookmark is not empty. Is bookmark actually the table of content?

On the other hand, it would be nice to assign some keyboard shortcuts to add favorite to current page or position and jump to favorites, sort of like F3 for search:

  • jump backward to previous favorite in the list starting from current page
  • jump forward to next favorite in the list starting from current page

Are F7 and F8 assigned to some functions already? If not, then I suggest to use them.


Existing discussion about this, which has unfortunately led to no change so far:


Bookmarks are often referred to as TOC (Table of contents) or Document Outline but actually depending on the author they can be neither, either or both.
Its technically best to consider as a layered tree list of “named destinations” similar to the bookmark hyper-refs within a word document.
there are many related key combinations so it may be worth looking at


Is the word “Bookmarks” an official term invented by Adobe for PDF?

Because using the word “bookmarks” for something which can be decided by the authors rather than the reader is very unwise. That does not match real-life usage.

Thanks for the document showing all the key combo. Confused? #metoo :rofl:


From the other forum discussion, I see that Alt+A, Enter can be a sort of keyboard shortcut to add favorite. That’s not perfect but it’s still better than going through the menu.



Bookmark is a term used by many applications for a user to store a position to jump to.

Microsoft Word editor and Adobe Acrobat editor, generally think otherwise (nanny knows best) they only allow “Bookmarks” to be set by the author and only “viewed” by the reader.

They are generally composed of two parts the tag and the destination but most users refer to both as bookmarks. To see how they can be applied within a PDF editor see