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I just downloaded the Sumatra PDF reader and I am really liking it, especially the add page as favourites function.

I see myself using this function very frequently, if only there were a shortcut key or combination to launch the “Add page xx to favourites” action.

Am I missing something? I don’t see that option listed in the web manual. If such shortcut doesn’t exist, is there any way to add it myself?

Much thanks.


Currently there is no shortcut for that.

Do you have a suggestions for a shortcut (preferable something that other popular Windows programs use for similar functionality) ?


I suppose Ctrl+D would be best since every browser uses it for the Add to Favorites/Bookmarks function, but unfortunately that’s already used for the Properties dialog. Perhaps we can change the latter to something like Ctrl+R instead?


Yeah, I’m not married to “Properties” shortcut but Ctrl-D is used by Adobe Reader for properties dialog.


So what does Reader use for adding a bookmark, or does it not have any shortcut for that either?

I suppose we could use Ctrl+B if Ctrl+D is absolutely out of the question, and perhaps change Favorites to Bookmarks everywhere…


Reader doesn’t seem to have this kind of bookmarking.

Unfortunately, “bookmarks” is already used for the bookmarks inside PDF file (the same term as Reader uses).

I had to pick something else for user-defined bookmarks so I went with “Favorites” because that’s what web browsers call it.


Which leads us back to square one unfortunately, in that Ctrl+D as the browsers all use would really be the ideal shortcut for this feature. IMO since there’s no universal shortcut for viewing document properties we can break away from Reader’s Ctrl+D usage, but ultimately it’s your call.


I use Alt+a then numpad Enter (or regular Enter)


I couldn’t find a disable option for all the shortcuts.
Could this be implemented or pointed out where to find such thing ?

Checked box to enable global hotkeys/shortcuts.
Unchecked box to disable global hotkeys/shortcuts.



This would probably have been better off as a separate thread, but in any case there is no such option. (Also the shortcuts are local to the app and aren’t global.)


I would glady press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+WindowsKey+Ç if this would allow me to avoid browsing 3 submenu options with the mouse.
I’m just desperate due to reading thousand-page long pdf files with no default “Table of Contents”(or “Bookmarks” depending on the chosen name for that other feature).
I’m a refugee coming from Adobe Plugin reader for Chrome, which has been deprecated because it used NPAPI. Many other popular alternatives (Chrome PDF viewer, Firefox PDF.js, Kami) have no sane way to use the equivalent Favorites feature. You can find 10 years worth of feature requests for all those alternatives that have been ignored.
This is a make or break feature for this specific niche of users. I’m sure you will get a small horde of similar refugees if Favorites management becomes as easy as possible, i.e., adding ANY key shortcut. Or even better, a customizable key shortcut, but I have no idea how SumatraPDF handles shortcuts, so that may be out of the question.
Where are key shortcuts dealt with? At the engine source files or script files? (And which files?)

Disregard that, I had completely missed the Alt+A+Enter path. Maybe adding a string for this menu entry would help with people that aren’t used to “implicit” shortcuts.


This topic seems not to end in any creation of the shortcut yet, but thanks to this comment, making it faster to add favourites faster.
Still hope the shortcut to be added though.
Thank you !


Its the same fast shortcut as in Internet explorer ALT A A= Add A fAvourite
or you can use the default entry of ALT A ENTER

en français ses ALT V A = faVoris Ajouter
etc etc

In version 3.2 there is also the right mouse addion to the context menu

and as we can see there is the additional Hotkey of CTRLB as suggested above by SumatraPeter

This topic is about Adding Favorites for the topic on Show / Hide the “Favorites selection box” see Hotkeys (Keyboard Shortcuts) to Show/Hide Favorites