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I’m mostly satisfied with inverting colours through Advanced Options to obtain a pseudo-dark mode, but for some documents(especially those with images), it can be useful to toggle this on and off quickly, it’s really rather tedious to go into the text editor each time I want to do this.

Most I could find was this (but this requires altering and compiling the source, right?) and this (this seems to be exactly what I want, but shift+I does nothing for me).

I would really appreciate some help on this. Sumatra is otherwise absolutely perfect for all my needs.


The point about that was that for a while simply I was the toggle but was confusing for those that use I for page Info, so in current pre-release you need to use shift+I for instant invert.

That should work for most file types PDF Mobi SVG XPS etc. but may not work for multipage GIF or other image types


Ahh, I didn’t notice that the current stable release preceded that post. My bad. Thanks for highlighting this - I downloaded the pre-release version from the site and it’s working fine now.