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SumatraPDF is my most used and most beloved program.
The option “remember these settings for each document” is problematic. If you open more than 10 pdfs per day that is more than 3650 stored settings per year. It should be possible to choose the document which I want to remember and safe settings only for this one. An easy solution would be to set the option only for the current doc and then reset the option automatically.

When settings like favourites would be stored in a separate text file per document, the favourites could be extended with annotations over the standard text editor.


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Whilst it does not remember settings per file I find the latest “virtual” PDF functions to be useful for collecting sets of files

The .vbkm extension is treated and can be associated as if its a SumatraPDF format.

I can then jump exactly to my favorite entries

It is Work in Progress by KJK that has some limitations and I would like it to eventually allow extra features such as zoom (and posibly rotation)


For storing zoom, display etc. per page a separate setting file per document is essential. I don’t need bookmarks from multiple documents at once, better would be more specific bookmarks with text (annotations) only for the open document or the current tab.