Sumatra PDF is a PDF, ePub, MOBI, CHM, XPS, DjVu, CBZ, CBR reader for Windows

Make Sumatra remember zoom, display pos. etc. for Favorite pages

is it possible to make sumatraPDF remember the zoom, display position of the page, rotation and other view options for every favorite page.

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I would prefer that it remember the rotation option for every page, not just favorites. Then when you come to a page that has a sideways diagram, you can rotate it once and it stays rotated forever, without rotating the rest of the document.

Currently it remembers rotation for the whole document, but often documents have different rotations for different pages.

Maybe View menu would have different options for “Rotate page left” and “Rotate document left”.

the zoom rotation and many view options are optionaly “remembered” for a whole file thus the favourite page will open with those file settings.

Many users complain that redundant settings are kept for older files, but if the settings were to be kept for every single page you read it would cause bloat to such an extent the settings would eventually be slow to load.

For example with just one “remembered” file that has this entry
TocState = 1 3 5 13 19 30 33 34 41 51 55 56 61 83 86 94 99 103 104 106 113 115 118 130 146 147 150 152 157 162 172 176 177 191 195 196 202 219 230 231 238 240 242 248 253 256 259 263 264 267 272 281 291 296 305 306 315 327 328 332 333 334 337 339 344 346 351 358 361 362 364 368 371 378 382 385 387 402 403 410 413 424
Its slow to load, what if I left all my tocs active or each page needed to have zoom and rotation entries.

My personal view is these types of entry should be kept out of settings and stored in either the PDF using the editors features or in a companion metafile like some other editor/readers do.

I agree. IMO all MRU-related sections such as FileStates, SessionData etc. ought to be kept separate from the main settings file. Perhaps a separate text/XML/JSON file if readability is important, or a compressed binary DB if it isn’t.

I was hoping filename.bmk would combine .smx (highlight) features plus user history then .vbmk could just act as a link/library mechanism, however we shall see which way the development goes.

I don’t think it makes sense to separate and store MRU data into per-file .BMKs. Highlight info. is file-specific and is better suited to being stored alongside each file, but MRU data makes more sense being stored in a single file in a standard location expected by the program (plus this way loading will be faster too).