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Is there a chance we could get Sumatra to order pages in a zip file… “smartly” I don’t know if there’s a term for it. But basically what I mean is if I have a zip file containing “01.jpg” through “50.jpg”, it works fine.

But, if the pictures are numbered “1.jpg” through “50.jpg” then the order they’re displayed within SPDF is:


22 et cetera.
Because technically, as far as the SPDF is concerned, 11 comes before 2.
A lot of other programs have some… I don’t know, algorithm or table that resolves that issue. It would be a nice quality of life improvement for SPDF.



There was a lot of to and fro over this topic especially in CBx comics. So I thought. current 3.2+ versions behaviour was considered “best fits all”, since either date or non alpha orders caused previous issues (pun) for some editions. It should be what you are asking so are you using an older version see the way 3.1.2 In this chart is similar to your description? Note since version 3.2 onwards 11 should come after 9 by using SortNatural



I’m using 3.3.3, just updated it. It’s possible I was using something older than 3.1.2 before updating, but I didn’t see “natural sort order” in the change notes, so I might have missed it when it happened. In which case, thanks! Sorry for not paying attention when it happened. :slight_smile: