SumatraPDF 11061 prerelease cbr page order bug


trying to open a 25 page cbr file with prerelease 11061 (I build it from the git source) sumatra opens to page 3 (filename 002.jpeg) instead of page 1 (filename 000.jpg) pages 1 and 2 (filename 000.jpeg and filename 001.jpg) are rendered last
on another cbr with 54 pages sumatra opens to page 7 (filename 006.jpg) and then renders pages 1-6 in order after the final page (which usually is a tag image zztag.jpg)
on yet another 34 page cbr Sumatra skips to page 9 then renders in order to the end then shows pages 1-8
this happens only with rar files if I convert them to zip (cbz) sumatra opens the pages in the correct order
this bug does not exist with 11040 available from and I believe is a recent regression
I thought it might have something to do with the jpg names but this happens with all cbr’s I currently have and the page number Sumatra opens to seams to be related with how many pages the document has it’s strange

a copy of the sumatra binaries I build can be found here!WwIiFDyZ!eA2g4lws9YNOuEI0a9Dkpw
I don’t recommend using SumatraPDF_3.2.11061_xxx.exe because of the aforementioned cbr issue