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I really really want and would like to have a hotkey “show/hide favorites”! I will be grateful, If this thing somewhen will be added. It would defenetly quicken my work with litrature. Sorry, if I’ve missed this on the manual on the site. In this case, could you please tell me, what hotkeys is stand for this function?


I don’t think there is a single hot-key
With English menu active hold ALT with one finger / thumb and press A S with another to toggle on and off
Characters may be different for other languages e.g. its V V for Français


You can also use AutoHotKey to do this. This script may work:

#IfWinActive, ahk_class SUMATRA_PDF_FRAME
f::Send !as

Is there a way to bind a keyboard key to open favorites?


Many shortcuts are language dependant so

  1. there must be at least one favourite stored
  2. in english try ALTAS

It should work on the start screen and anywhere else

In the new pre-release you can also right click to see the toggle option

and it has a different Hotkey of

  1. in english try [≣]F

    where[≣] is the ≣ Menu key near to Alt Graphics or Right Alt key

This topic is about Show / Hide the “Favorites selection box” for the topic on Adding Favorites see Shortcut key to Add current page as favourites?