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Hi to all.
with Sumatra 3.1 I was able to print on a PDF printer (Wind2Pdf by Dane Prairie Systems, LLC).
It is a good software that lets you print over an existing file, adding your print to end or beginning of file, or overwrite it.
Now, with 3.2, i cannot no more. Sumatra does not print at all.
Before rolling back to the previous version, is there something I could try?
Tahnks to all.



Generally there should be no difference to using printers in 3.2 compared to 3.1
(There is a difference between 3.0 and lower compared to 3.1 and higher)

One recent issue that affected different users printing (not just SumatraPDF). in different ways was a bad MS update in March '21 which some users may still have active without all the later fixes. After the April fixes, it seems all printing usage was again back to normal?
For that possibility see Blank Printing OR low resolution since 9th March 2021


Hi. I solved printing problems coming with Windows Update using updated drivers. Since today i had non problem with 3.1. Only with 3.2, installed this morning. I wiil take a look at Dane Prairie then I will rollbakc to 3.1
Many thanks.


Ok, reinstalled 3.1.2 and always goes fine again. Thank you.