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Is there anyway to launch a new instance from the shortcut? Perhaps with a command-line argument?

I want to be able to keep it in tabs mode but have it open a new window from a shortcut, so that it can stay on the current desktop.

As is, the only way I’ve been able to do this (using preview 12152 x64 btw) is either by disabling tabs, or using the new “Ctrl-N” shortcut and then dragging that window open to the other desktop, and launching the PDF from there.


Not today. I’ve opened to track this.


You can have two instances if there are two exe’s
this “workaround” was needed to open current file in second window prior to the new CTRLSHIFTN command
It has some pro’s and cons the main one of each is
the second window can have its own settings > advanced for opening on second screen in different mode.
The history of files opened is not the same since the settings files are separate

I have shown how that is possible several times such as for printing current page etc Default to print current page or more suited to your request Feature Request: New window of an open pdf

I have not tested how these cheats may use the same settings. That could be a nightmare since the last man standing will flush the settings to the single file and then they both start next time with exactly those same settings. Best to have separate settings and not use history in the secondary one.



there is now a new command line option -new-window