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i’m a newbee user, and i need only 1 instance + only 1 table mode, how can i get it?
i try ReuseInstance = true (or false) with UseTabs = false, but still not right,ex: i open a pdf file name test1.pdf , next i open other pdf file name test2.pdf, i want this time, when open test2.pdf, sumatra auto close file test1 and open test2 file , sumatra will only show 1 file (1 tab) 1 window on my screen at anytime. can i get it? and how the way?
pls tell me, my english too bad, but i will try.
and i have another request, when i open a pdf file, can sumatra immediately auto search and make hightlight a fixed text (or fixed line) on pdf file? ex: i want when i open any file pdf, line 15 on document (or text: “Total”) will auto on hightlight. if that can possible, pls show me how do that.
tks so much!


Question 1 is similar to

KJK replied
"Assuming you’re launching Sumatra from your program, you can work-around it by killing existing sumatra process before opening new file."

One way to do that is have a 2 line Command File on your desktop such as DropPDFhere.bat or .cmd

taskkill /IM SumatraPDF.exe
start “drive:\your path\SumatraPDF.exe” “%1”

then drop each file in turn onto it,
my answer was for smaller files simply rename the files to a common name

ren “%1” ANYname.pdf
start “drive:\your path\SumatraPDF.exe” “ANYname.pdf”

Question 2

no simple way to jump to a word or line other than internal “find”, IF there is a “bookmarked” position you can use -named-dest on the above command lines

otherwise you could use AHK to sendkeys Ctrl+F with key word followed by enter