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Hey people,

I need a PDF viewer that automatically closes the current PDF when opening another. I thought that “reuse instance” might be the right setting. But it’s not. If I open an PDF and after that I open another, than I see both PDFs.

Any chance to get this running?



There’s no way to do it automatically with Sumatra.

Assuming you’re launching Sumatra from your program, you can work-around it by killing existing sumatra process before opening new file.


Work-around is to take advantage of SumatraPDFs ability to NOT lock filenames of smaller files (so that up to the limit, is it 10 Mb?) you can open a copy of First.pdf then rename/overwrite Second.pdf to First.pdf and SumatraPDF will not complain it will simply show the new file automatically

One quirk is that it may try to open at an unexpected page