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Hello all!

I work in a large company where we try to use kiosk computers on our work floor. I’ve started using this application a couple of weeks ago to use it in “kiosk mode”. So I’ve installed sumatra and I use it in combination with the sumatrapdfrestrict.ini file on the kiosk. See my ini file below.

At this moment I have a computer that starts up in iexplorer in kiosk mode, where users can access a couple of hundred of specific pdf files they need for there job. In these pdf’s there are often hyperlinks to other (accessible) pdf files stored at our server and to certain intraweb pages.

The only problem is, that these hyperlinks only work when I put “DiskAccess = 1” in the ini file. Then users can open, rename, open in adobe, … and all other stuff that I would like to restrict. Is there a way to restrict all diskaccess features, except the hyperlinks?
At the moment, diskaccess is 0, but all our “precious” hyperlinks are a waste now…

Thanks in advance!

FYI: my ini file at this moment:

; This is an example configuration file which can be used
; to disable some of SumatraPDF's functionality.

; To apply this configuration, copy this file into
; the same directory as SumatraPDF.exe.

; All settings listed below can have a value of either
; 0 for disabling the feature or 1 for enabling the feature
; (missing settings default to 0).

; Whether SumatraPDF should be allowed to access the Internet.
; Needed for:
; * Checking for updates
; * Sending crash reports
InternetAccess = 0

; Whether SumatraPDF should allow access to the file system.
; Needed for:
; * Opening files through dialog
; * Saving file or bookmark shortcut
; * Opening a web browser after a click on a hyperlink
; * Launching external PDF viewers, LaTeX source editors or media players
; * Displaying Frequently Read page (also requires SavePreferences)
; * Reopening recently opened files
; * Print dialog
DiskAccess = 0

; Whether SumatraPDF should save user preferences on exit.
; Needed for:
; * Changing settings
; * Favorites menu
; * Remembering recently opened files (includes Frequently Read page)
SavePreferences = 0

; Whether SumatraPDF should be allowed to write to the Registry.
; Needed for:
; * Making SumatraPDF a default PDF viewer
RegistryAccess = 1

; Whether SumatraPDF should be allowed to print.
; Needed for:
; * Printing (parts of) a document
PrinterAccess = 0

; Whether users should be allowed to select and copy content.
; Needed for:
; * Selecting with the mouse
; * Select all
; * Copying the selection
CopySelection = 0

; Whether SumatraPDF should be allowed to cover the entire screen.
; Needed for:
; * Fullscreen mode and Presentation mode
FullscreenAccess = 0

; What protocols for links inside documents should be passed
; on to the operating system (e.g. for opening a browser).
; Default: http,https,mailto (web links and email addresses)
LinkProtocols = http,https,mailto,file,textedit

; What file types should be opened in an external application
; if they're linked to by a (PDF) document and can't be opened
; within SumatraPDF itself (use "*" for all types)
; These file types are stored as "PerceivedType" in the Registry,
; common values: audio, video, image, document, text, system
; Default: audio,video,webpage
SafeFileTypes = audio,video,webpage

As you may note restrictions are grouped together
for a similar limitation (although it was the oposite requirement to block links) see Disable Attachments/Disable Links/Disable open in Adobe
I think the solution you need will be the same, i.e you will need to compile your own version with the offending lines commented out.


Hi, thanks for the response! The only problem is that I don’t have any experience compiling/change codes. Is there any chance that someone with experience could make this change?


As I see it you still have a few options

  1. hope someone with enough knowledge can help (unfortunatly that could be months away)
  2. pay a skilled programmer to assist (could take some time to find one?)
  3. keep the system locked down but add a function to open links this could be fairly simple using a modified variant of Google-search a word/phrase with right-click ~ great for textbooks, old books if the hyperlinks are in a known location such as S:\library\xxxxx.pdf thus the user selected name could be redirected to the named location

Hi, Exactly the same problem here. I would like to prevent users to save pdf’s but in the same time I want them to be able to use Hyperlinks. Unfortunately now I can only have one or the other :frowning: