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Hi, I was hoping to use Sumatra to replace Adobe Reader across our organisation so that it would provide better security when just viewing PDFs.

However if a PDF contains an attached document it shows this in the sidebar allowing the user to download it and then open it. The only PDFs that have an attached document that we receive are malware so I hoped to disable this feature. Unfortunately I can’t find anything in the settings (ini file) to allow me to do this. Is there a way of getting it to ignore attachments completely?

Also I can’t find a way to disable links - I have changed the launcher so that the browser doesn’t launch when you click it but the mouse still changes and it looks like an active link which could cause support queries.

Lastly, can the setting to ope in Adobe Reader be disabled as I wouldn’t want users to open an insecure file in Adobe reader if they can’t view it properly (unfortunately we have to have Adobe reader installed - an older version as well due to an issue with a piece of software we have that checks for it on startup)




Okay, posted in haste. I’ve found that the pdfrestrict file allows me to disable attachments by stopping disk access. This should work as I can still allow printing using it.


Spoke to soon again. Using the restrict file I stopped attachments and other issues and enabled printing but you can’t show the print dialog without full disk access so it always prints to the default printer using default settings. Whereas PDFs are regularly printed to various printers so I’m trying to lock down Sumatra to just viewing PDFs and Printing via the printer dialog.

Any ideas?


All things that you can do with restrict file are documented. There’s nothing more.

There’s always an option of creating a custom build by making changes to the code. Sumatra is open-source.


Think you’ve probably got the best (safe) configuration to NOT use Acrobat
HOWEVER since it IS on the machines look at using the comments and parts of solution in [external “print using acrobat” link later removed as not needed]



I downloaded the source and added a PrintDialog option to the restrictions file which allows the Printer Dialog to show when that setting is enabled regardless of the DiskAccess setting. This seems to work fine, thanks.