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I just learned about this program a few minutes ago. And it seems that this program cannot translate the contents of the file ?? Previously I used Foxitsoftware, I can translate the language I need by blackening the text, the program will automatically display the text content in the language I previously installed. It is similar to translation extension. It is really great to use if there is additional translation support. I believe it will support a lot of people when reading their files.


There’s an older closed issue on GitHub and a newer open one:

The developer’s response is clear:

Unfortunately I don’t know of any freely available translation tool we can use. Google translation API is not free.

So if you know of any free translation tool or API (with appropriate usage license) that can be called from Sumatra, do let us know.


There are several suggestions in this forum for using your own preferred web translator.
[LATER EDIT] This is now much easier in Pre-Release 3.4

Imtranslator could possibly be used very easily if it had query syntax see

However Imtranslate is just a front page for multiple translators and does not appear to have a means to pass a query, it is intended to be used as one of several browser extensions it does not present well as externally configurable

I suggest it is miles easier to use Qtranslate (with dictionary and language translations including convert text to speech in other language) it has a much wider range of choices
see SumatraPDF built in dictionary


I would like to have a feature to translate selected words in documents.
I would select a word and click “Translate” and popup would appear with translation from Google-translator.
Is it possible?


If the words are “selectable” then windows scripting can pass them to a web page for translation Yandex/Google etc.

If text is not selectable some apps can also OCR a small screen area and pass that to a web browser. Off hand I can only think of QTranslate (also has portable version for testing it out) but there are others.