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Hi all, this application is great. Can we add a feature for a built in dictionary?


Generally it would be pointless to add the standard spell checking dictionaries they are more often needed by authors in an editor.

Most useful for readers is a web search link to a bank of dictionary / thesauruses’ such as OED and several similar requests have been made but it need someone to add the code, however it is already possible to use 3rd party windows tools to do web look-ups in any app.


With Version 3.2 there have been some noticeable improvements in the underlying rendering

However, there are no additional plug-in features for hooking a Local Dictionary and there would need to be many languages and interests. I have found that there are many free apps that can read a selection in SumatraPDF and either OCR or translate or web search or Read out loud or offer offline dictionaries or even do ALL of the above in just one app. Not an endorsement as there are many good FOSS ones but one such freeware(why?) closed source product I find useful is called QTranslate

Note that calling an online dictionary is no different to a web search or translation only the syntax differs

I also use my own addins or ahk to do similar so latest version of my web search (includes some example dictionary sites such as merriam-webster) is at MyNotes/WebSearch.vbs
and some alternatives using ahk are at Google-search a word/phrase with right-click - #5 by GitHubRulesOK


Hi, there is any way to have directly the tranlation of a word in sumatra? I read that there isn’t the built in dictionary. Someone has some method? Thank you


The above links are most useful for online searching, I have experimented with some “offline” ones too but many have limitations.

WordWeb is useful but as always the privacy question arises. how much of your word searches are phoned home.

If you have a local app that searches a dictionary from the command line and Is freely available (ideally open source) then I can look at the best way to integrate it.