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Highlight and number search results

I was wondering if it would be simple to implement a feature to highlight all search results found within the documents (similar to what Google Chrome does), instead of just highlighting a single instance. Preferable as you type, which is what the current search function offers, but only for a single word at a time.

Also would be helpful to see how many instances of a word is found, and indicate which one you are currently looking at (e.g. 5/9).

I know at least the first suggestion was mentioned in the old forum a while ago, just thought I’d mention it again since I think people may find it useful.

Keep up the good work!


A similar request was made in this forum as well and I linked to a GitHub issue you might like to +1:

KJK had some help recently on this topic see source code, open / closed issues

First part is there in the debug version (see screen shot)

MY BAD sorry

that feature is only available in CHM UseFixedPageUI = false
and is limited to a page at a time it does NOT address “search across pages” in that situation

This would be a very good and important feature. Is there any plans to implement this any time soon?