"find all" in open document



Thank you for making an amazing and lightweight pdf reader program. What I would like to request (I was not able to find) was to have an overview of all the found elements for a specific text. I believe it is much simpler to have an overview of all found elements than going through them one by one using the find next functionality already implemented.

Below is a screenshot from another pdf program, which offers this functionality (though it is already free for commercial use, they have discontinued this version) but I would like to use Sumatra PDF as my main pdf reader since I like the simplicity with its full feature set.
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I tried searching for a similar request, but found nothing that was equivalent, therefore the new thread.

Thank you again for the great program, I am looking forward to future improvements!

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There are multiple relevant threads going back many years if you search the old forum. Anyway, you can add your support to the following 2+ year old issue and maybe it will be implemented one day:

Highlight and number search results

The only thing that I’m missing every day are advanced search options. A quick way to get a grasp of all the occurrences of a particular word or phrase within a document would be a huge improvement and time saver. I keep a copy of STDU Viewer on all my computers just because it does this…