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I am new to Sumatra, and I discovered it because I was looking for a pdf reader which did the following:
inverting the colors of the pdf.

I am using the cmd : “-invert-colors”, which does exactly that.

Question: is it possible to save a new pdf that looks just like this (i.e. with inverted colors with respect to the first one). In other words, so that the default colors of the pdf are inverted, independently from pdf-viewer?


SumatraPDF uses MuPDF for rendering
I seem to remember there is such an invert command
e.g. Mutool draw -I -o out.pdf in.pdf [range of pages]
but beware results may not always be as expected


I’m running Windows 10 Home (64 bits), on SumatraPDF 3.3.

  1. I opened a PDF document and I rotated it to the right. How do I save this document such that every time I open this document, it will always display it rotated?

I see an option to “Send by Email” but I don’t know how to enable this. I see a pop-up “There is no email program associated to perform the requested action. Please install an email program, or if one is already installed, create an association in the Default Programs control panel.” I don’t have an email app on Windows. I tried to associate Firefox, as that’s how I access my email on Windows via the web browser, but the pop-up remains. There is no such “email program” that I’m able to install. To be honest I doubt this function works like how I picture it in my head - if I “Send by Email” a rotated image would it send the original or rotated image?

  1. I have a document with a white background with some purple and black words (purple for certain titling, bullet points and highlights, black otherwise). I simply want the document background to be black, the black words to show up white, and the purple unchanged. I’ve tried changing BackgroundColor to #000000 and TextColor to #ffffff. The result is that the purple is now an ugly color and I don’t know the magic number to make it work. I want to try out invert colors, but I can’t find helpful information as to where I should include the line “-invert-colors” line anywhere under “Advanced Options”. I’m looking for something I could refer to for these color codes, or an answer to “-invert-colors” or any other options.

3 Good wishes and the Genie’s Answer may not be popular,

  1. Rotation in PDF Readers is actioned throughout the file as view only. That is the file is not changed in any way and you need to rotate as desired to view using the icons. Some users have asked for storing all those rotations in a settings file to avoid repeating each time a document opens. However that would not allow you to send a rotated file to someone else (also increasing the storage of more rotations keeps getting bigger/slower). If you want ONE or more pages rotated permanently the file needs to be modified by an editing application. I show in another discussion how that could be done But in all cases Permanent rotation Is a permanent change to the file, so could break signatures etc…

1b) If you need to email the rotated PDF (or any other) SumatraPDF like many other apps can use the default system mailer. However most users like you and me use Browser Web Mail and unless your mail provider has a desktop app to hook into the system mailer, then we need to attach the PDF in the Web Mail like any other file. The “send by email” has fallen out of fashion in Win 10 but kept for users that still need the convenience.

  1. If you want to make a document background black (or any other colour) again you would need to edit the file, so as to make that permanent. However you can change the viewer colouring to make it appear dark without colour. but like messing with your screen colours and brightness that has undesirable side effects. Tell your screen to rotate all the colours so black becomes white but then pink becomes blue and orange becomes purple.

“Invert color” using the new shortcut I (or otherwise) is invert ALL colors.

Some readers such as Adobe do have accessibility means to alter object contrast and colours whilst viewing, but then the complaint is it only works for some files (not all) and takes longer to read the objects (slower) as they take time to recolour the page content.