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BackgroundColor impacts images in PDF

Using SumatraPDF 3.1.2 64-bit:

Is there a way to specify BackgroundColor in Advanced Options so that it only impacts text areas of the PDF? I’ve set a slightly beige (#e0dcd8) background color that works well for reading text, but it also seems to be bleeding over into any images.

The foreground (i.e. Textual objects) and Background (eg paper) are the boundary range used by images so altering either will always impact the image colour range.
You can make small alterations to background to reduce the “harshness” of contrast for night reading but inversion does not go down well

That’s unfortunate. I wonder how Foxit Reader does it as an option. Even works with black text on white backgrounds and with images mixed on the same page (image text is untouched).

Acrobat and Foxit have large teams of customer revenue paid programmers, who have impetus for developing disabled user assistive features such that contrasting text etc. can be filtered.

It is possible in PostScript based PDF files to sift out layers so styles and vector lines can each have desired attributes plus keep the image objects untouched. However that can’t be applied to a PDF with image text only pages. so the minimal requirement for all objects (image or vector glyphs etc.) is to simply invert or shrink their combined colour range.