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1] in the Find box, to have a drop down list of the recently used search strings

2] To allow more than 10 recently used files in the Files menu

I want to add that I am very happy with the program as it is. But these are small additions that would help me in the way I use it, especially the list of recently used search strings.


I cant answer question 1] (that’s the way it is)

Question 2] has been asked several times before and my explanation (and work-around) is here


I am a programmer and I think adding a dropdown list is really pretty easy. Usually there are ready built components which can just be pasted in. As far as I am concerned, it is ok if the values are not stored from session to session, but are just available each time during the current session, throughout the session.

Your workaround is a good idea. But also, speaking for myself, I would be happy if the list did not have shortcuts to each of the files but just had them there to click on.


I know the way I use Sumatra it would help me. Even if the history would not be saved from session to session, being able to reuse strings within a session would be a big help.
The search is very good and fast. But it would benefit from having the history available, IMO.


Seems to be a reasonable request. As you can see above however, there’s an open issue on GitHub since 18 Sep 2017 (perhaps there are older ones too). All you can do at this point is upvote the request and hope the feature’s implemented one day.

Edit: Hold on…

It is? So why not add it to the open-source Sumatra yourself so that everyone can benefit? Just contribute the code and hopefully it should get merged and show up in the next release.