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1. Summary

I can’t find, how I can increase the value of books that appear in the menu.

2. Example

File → I can select 1 of 10 books which I look in last days:

I want, that I can select from 50 books, not 10.

3. Argumentation

According to the specifics of my work, I look through thousands of books. I often go back to the books I look in last days. But I can quick open the last 10 books I look, although a file SumatraPDF-settings.txt contain data about older books that I look.

4. Not helped

I try to find answer in:

  1. Google,
  2. This forum,
  3. SumatraPDF settings documentation,
  4. SumatraPDF issues.

No effect.




Sorry to disappoint the short answer is you can not unless you make your own code changes

The question has been asked can it be increased both in the list you show and also on the front page where the 10 files are also a limit. this was set early on in development where the “recent” part of the listings was limited to only single digit key entries (you can press keys 0 to 9).
e.g. Alt +F + 5 opens the fifth file

I understand you want 50 entries and have observed that Internally SumatraPDF-settings.txt can hold many more than 10 entries

It is possible to keep large numbers such as 50 “Favorites” especially if you only save the first page in the list.
NOTE the Favorites list can also be opened on the first page without any files open


The recently used files list is 10 long and any files that I open from the web temporarily show up here even though they can’t be opened from this list. It would be useful if this list could be lengthened. I know other apps that allow this length to be tailored. I find it often that frequently used documents get knocked of this list.

A way to pin documents to this list would also be good. Likewise, automatically removing files that are temporary and once closed were deleted would be great.


There are other hidden optional context items that appear above that list (that are also limited to 10 entries) the list was not written as a scrollable object so if both lists of 10 are expanded some commands such as exit would risk going off-screen .

The favourites list is extendible all items are “pinned” by your addition and unwanted entries can easily be removed.Adding page 1 (or others) is as easy as right click in new pre-release.

However, it can be very unwieldy to add volumes of files as I did on the left of the screen grab below. So the new .vbkm feature allows an alternative system of grouping those 16 files and up to 10 of those .vbkm files could be pinned to the start screen.


The exit command could be moved above the files list or the files list could be made a separate sub menu. If there’s a will, there’s always a way. The favorites list is a totally different animal.