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It would be perfect for 99% of the documents I read (and I would like to set it as the default view) but this feature is missing in my hands-down favorite PDF reader.

So far I use Continuous View + Custom Zoom + manual re-centering (“as a savage”, hehehe) but in my opinion, having an automatic fitting would improve this software.

Best regards,
Moises Padilla.


We do have Fit To Width view option.

I’m guessing you’re asking to crop the PDF, which is tracked by


Right now we have Fit to Content and Fit to (Page) Width, but not Fit to Content Width.


[i wanted to request something similar for ages, just was too lazy to create an account.]

another crucial benefit (an important one for me whenever i read on a tablet) for ‘zoom to content width’ could/SHOULD be that the horizontal scrolling is disabled and that the horizontal scrollbar is removed. using swipe gestures to turn pages constantly ruins the current ‘zoom/fit content’ view.


Bumping this.

This is something I’m used to with PicWalker, where “fit to width” is independent of the zoom, so regardless of the zoom level if an image is bigger than the window, the image remains contained within the width of the screen.

If you could also make scrolling smoother, that would be a big plus too.


To answer some of the above requests there have been some changes over time
The basic page handling is still roughly the same and fit page content depends very much on the authors definition of the content boundary which can include the margins but this example file does it right

Your request to reduce bigger than screen width has been included and
Fit Width has here reduced the bigger A4L down to match the width of A5L
and the A5P is enlarged to match that same width (All pages are = width)