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As titled, I want to use Xodo PDF as an external viewer. However, it is a windows 10 “store app” and directly copying its file address ([filelocation]\Xodo_Windows10.exe) to CommandLine in Advanced Options doesn’t work. Any idea?


Strictly speaking the problem is with xodo / windows store security, and you should ask there for filename calling support.
Similar apps such as Grammarly checker provide an external desktop interface to work outside the store allowing SumatraPDF to send the filename for offline/online grammar checking.

I have not found a suitable desktop command yet since trying to call Xodo_Windows10.exe simply gives access denied. (Nanny knows I may burn my fingers)

Having said that you can if you wish trigger it different ways

I tried this on the cloud (without the filename) by calling browser It will open the File landing page where you can drag and drop the file.
NOTE SumatraPDF will automatically update its view each time you save edits and download the source file. (see below 2 times edits saved but third not yet saved) However IF the initial file is locked open by Xodo/Explorer you will need to change the name of the edited file (see I am downloading edited copy as Document1.pdf)
However this is not as easy as simply using a shortcut of to my browser so gave up as a file name was not used and the above “save as” wasted time.

The second method is to save a shortcut to any location on path to call the desktop app (I have called it Xodo.lnk)

Even simpler to call Xodo.lnk if its on your desktop. The advantage with this method is no need to bypass explorer security as SumatraPDF will instantly update its views as the desktop app saves. see lower half and the tabbed application is more relevant to SumatraPDF. However I have still not found a way to pass the filename but if you want SumatraPDF to launch it for you then you will need something like this

ExternalViewers [
 CommandLine = "C:\users\yourusername\desktop\xodo.lnk" 
 Name = Xodo Application
 Filter = *.*