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Hello guys,
I came across the Sumatra PDF not long ago. I find it short and fast, supporting multi formats of E books.

When many students and learners on the job are reading E books, there is a good chances that they need to take notes. Later on, they might like to review the books and navigate to pages against which notes were taken.

Sumatra PDF provides DDE commands, namely, Sync, Open, Goto, Page, SetView. These DDE cmds are to Set the SumatraPDF into some status. If there were Get cmds, like GetFileName, GetCurrentPate, GetCurrentView, we would be able to fetch these infos, when reading, and save them in professional notetaking app. In reviewing notes, we could use Set cmds to get to involved books,pages and views. Even many notetaking apps already have bookmarks for PDF pages, I stil decide that SumatraPDF will link many writing apps to E books and become more satisfying, by providing “Get” DDE commands.

What do you think?

Jordan Ma


As discussed I am not a developer so can only say there is a newer DDE command for [search]
and there are open requests for similar extensions


I read your replay
thanks for your info.