WindowMargin & PageSpacing are not applied to fb2 files


thank you for this great program!
I want to use it to read fb2 books, but when I change the settings txt file in the EbookUI section, nothing happens… I can change the size of the font, but WindowMargin & PageSpacing stay the same.
UseFixedPageUI = false
I tried both the stable version and the pre-release one. Is there anything to be done?


Window margin and page spacing only apply to UseFixedPageUI = true



Thank you very much! I indeed tried this and it worked in a way… I can’t make the left and right margins to be smaller… Though the setting is
WindowMargin = 0 0 0 0
It seems that I can’t make the page wider, only using zoom but it makes the bottom of the page disappear, which is not good… Any more ideas? :slight_smile:
BTW, you should definitely advertise Sumatra as a fast and beautiful ebook reader! I tried so many on PC and it’s the best.


For ebooks the UseFixedPageUI = false
is suposed to allow for “reflow” so the maximum words (subject to font size and authors use of space) are on the screen



Oh, so there’s no middle solution, only these two opposites… Too bad. Thank you for explanation!