Will there be a UWP version of this software?


Seems slightly unlikely to me that it’s sending full copies of every opened file (even big fat ones) over, but I cannot say for sure unless the traffic is checked using a packet sniffer/protocol analyzer. Perhaps it’s sending metadata only, or it’s sending over only small files (perhaps compressed), or only problematic/broken files, or…?

Suffice it to say that even if it’s sending just metadata over, I would still consider it a major privacy violation unless it’s strictly opt-in. Why the **** should anyone know about every single file I’m opening? Not just that, if it’s sending the info. over unencrypted then this chap (Kislov) should be drawn and quartered.

Personally I do not advocate touching this unapproved, GPL violating, Windows Store version even with a bargepole. Simple common sense dictates that dodgy versions of well-known software created by possibly shady people of unknown reputation and intentions should be kept as far away as possible from one’s devices/systems. The official open source version available here is well-known and reputed, but does any end user have a clue what possible malafide modifications have been made to this Store version? Sadly many people tend to blindly trust whatever’s available in any official app store. I guess Microsoft will only act if and when it receives a bunch of complaints from users of the app…


I don’t know what this guy actually means, when he says that
“collects documents (device folder and files)”.
I just found this statement incredible.
And I wouldn’t like even to guess what kind of content
this program could arbitrarily attempt to collect from
the documents folder of a targeted computer.
(And this program is “selling” in Windows 10 App Store?
Oh, fine! can’t wait to buy a copy. (not really…) )

Bottom line: Sumatra PDF has been for a long time a trustworthy and legitimate product,
and this questionable release (besides using its logo and identical product name) jeopardizes its reputation among users.
Perhaps, some kind of action should finally be taken?