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can anyone tell me which installer was used to create the (windows version) of the SumatraPDF-3.1.2-install.exe and why the prerelease version of the installer from isn’t able to extract it’s content when using the command line option /x?


Installer is custom written. It’s described in


Ok, thanks.

Is there a reason why the content extracting switch /x isn’t working for the current prerelease version?

E.g. I’m downloading the prerelease 32-bit installer from
and put in it’s own folder:
D:\Users\oO0XX0Oo\Downloads\SumatraPDF extracted

open a dos box in this folder and use:
SumatraPDF-prerelease-10740-install.exe /x

Nothing happens…

When I do the same with the 32-bit release version from

it extracts it’s content just fine…


It may be a user limitation or directory rights bug
my experience

using /x alone seems there is an issue as I also saw no files,
however there seems to be a copy created today in my syswow64 directory (damn)

using /d “path\to\directory” /x I did get the contents extracted to where I expected them !


This is most likely bug introduced recently. I’ve opened to track this.


Using the /d switch works even with the prerelease installer :smile: