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I am a long time user of Sumatra PDF and I am very happy with the software overall. However, I am concerned that there are no checksums published on the website to cross check file integrity against the common hash algorithms such as MD5 (Deprecated), SHA1, SHA256, etc…

Is there a reason this layer of security is not being implemented?

Thank you for your time, and for everyone’s contributions to this project.


Publishing upstream hashes is only useful to check if a download is similar then that requires a tool to do the confirmation.

In theory every older SumatraPDF.exe has its own multiple onboard hash checks so you should very easily check a download was not corrupted/broken by looking to see the Authentication Cert is valid even if they are now out of date.


However at present the pre-releases don’t have certificates (upto $1000 for 3 years validity) so the simplest test is to use Virustotal to compare