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Welcome to new Sumatra Reader forum

It’s been a month since I’ve changed Sumatra forum software from Sumatra PDF Reader forum ( to embedded muut forums.

Muut is ok but not great so I decided to switch again, this time to Discourse. It has a nicer design and looks like a better long-term solution.

Sorry about the disturbance. I hope this is the last forum software I’ll ever need.

At first glance I really like it a lot more than muut so thanks for switching to Discourse after all. :slight_smile:

It would be ideal if there was a way to import all the old content from fofou and muut both. Probably fofou might be tough given the sheer amount of data and the fact that it was your custom forum software, but perhaps muut might be possible? In any case I think you should lock the muut forum if possible (just like you did with fofou) to prevent further replies.

I looked into it but unfortunately there isn’t an easy way to import threads. In both cases I would have to write program to import, which is low in priority.

In that case forget about it. Does muut allow a forum to be locked while retaining all posts?

There’s nothing I can see for that in muut settings.

Apparently muut admins can only export threads as JSON and then delete them. There’s no way even to lock individual threads which is quite a strange design decision.

BTW I found this script in case you have some free time one day and are interested in playing around with it.

I’ve seen the muut import script but I couldn’t figure out how am I supposed to run it.

I just signed up to thank you for Sumatra, it is an amazing program and I love using it. Really appreciate it.