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I recently upgraded from SumatraPDF v3.1.2 to the current version v3.3.3 (on Windows 10).

Now when zooming, the zoomlevel jumps for example from default (fit to page) to 67%, 75%, adjust to window, 100%, 125%, etc. The Problem is, that ‘adjust to window’ is in my example about 150% - so its much bigger then 100%. Hope you can understand what I mean? So zoom jumps from 75% to 150% and then to 100%.

Here is an example file, where I can reproduce the behavior:

My only workaround for now is to switch to single page view.


Its a know problem since before version 3.2 caused by a combination of AutoFitting and Mixed pages either due to rotation or size such as double spreads.


Thanks for the reply! Looks like there will be no solution soon as the Bugreport is almost 2 years old?