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TL;DR: Out of curiosity, Is there a quick way to “select” the current view extents?

I am trying to help a friend migrate from another (slower) pdf viewer to Sumatra for their performance needs. I am trying to figure out how their current workflow of printing the current “view” could be replicated in Sumatra. Is there a way to print the current view extents (ie, user zooms in on portion of the page, pans a little, and decides to print the current view)? The easiest way to do this, I am thinking, would be to draw a selection box at the view extents, and then print that selection; the only way I can think of doing this right now would be manually drawing the box as close to the edge of the view as possible with CTRL+Click/drag. Is there a better way to do this?


having used SumatraPDF as a user for a long time, I don’t think there is a better method, the use of a “selection” box is the only simple method without scripting for fixed areas which would involve sending the page reference out to an external processor such as GhostScript or similar (e.g. image magik) to do a programmatic crop and print, however for a variable area its not possible to specify the selection other than via clipboard, which is more convoluted than print selection.

I have not tested difference in quality but it may be possible to open a nominated page at fixed zoom to reduce workflow to easily select approx area of interest quickly then depending on print driver minimise clicks to start print.