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I read manga exclusively on SumatraPDF. I was wondering if there was a way to save a panel in its original quality quickly? Such as CTRL + S but only for a single panel/image, and the image retaining its original file name from the CBR/CBZ/ZIP file?

To save the image, I just right click > copy image, and paste and save in a separate program (such as mspaint).

But doing the above is slow, from mspaint rendering a large image to me having to undertake extra naming/saving steps.

I figure it’d be way more efficient to save directly from SumatraPDF.



cbr/cbz files are just zip/rar files.

The simplest way would be to use “File / Open in folder” and unzip the file in explorer and copy the first image to where you want it.

Sumatra doesn’t have special support for doing such thing.


If the file is in a ZIP you can very easily open that and extract the file that is shown in SumatraPDF Bookmarks. If it is a CBZ you could write an external viewers command to copy the CBZ to ZIP and then do similar.

If you have a ZIP or rename a CBZ to ZIP just right click and extract all to folder. Then discard those images you don’t want.

If you are skilled enough you could perhaps use 7-Zip to extract by page number but I never tried that as it might fail on unusual numbered contents.

For CBR, RAR, CBA or CB7 you need to run a command such as 7-Zip to convert to ZIP (one reason why I use ZIP or just keep pages in folders in preference to CBR etc.)

All of the above should provide 100% quality as it is the source image you are extracting not an image copy from the clipboard.

However as pointed out by KJK, SumatraPDF would just be an aid the extraction is done externally.


Oh, I haven’t thought of that! I knew CBR/CBZ were just zip files with their extensions renamed, but extracting them haven’t crossed my mind at all!



I’m sorry; this isn’t really related to your question, but CBR is actually a RAR archive with a renamed extension. CB7 is less common, but it is a renamed 7Z archive. You can open all three in 7-Zip without even needing to change the extension if that application is installed: in File Explorer, right click on the CBZ/CBR/CB7, hover over ‘7-Zip’ on the list, and click ‘Open Archive’ or ‘Extract Files…’.