Viewing several pdf documents in succession

I have tried your pdf-viewer and it seems to work great. If I understood correctly, there are two ways to open Pdf files one after the other: 1. Each time a file is opened, a new program instance is also opened or 2. Each time a file is opened, a new tab is created in the same program instance. I need a third option: Only one open program instance and the newly opened file will close the previously opened file. To achieve that, I have closed the respective previous instance of the viewer and then opened again. But that takes much more time. Is there a solution for this. Thank you for any answers.

You are correct in your observations
This question has been asked more than once and the best answer I have so far was to build a 2 line .cmd file as per

Thanks for the answer. Renaming the file names in always the same file name is an acceptable solution for me.


Just remember there is a limit (around about 10MB in 3.1.2 Has been increased to 32MB in 3.2 pre-release) where sumatraPDF will apply a lock on an opened file, so you may not be able to rename whilst open. Also since SumatraPDF may be set to remember the page you were reading, if you remame a file whilst part way through reading you may find the next file with that name opens on the same page, not always what a reader may want…