Verify e-signatures with SumatraPDF



I’ve been a long time user of Sumatra Pdf, always liked it for its simplicity and lightweight.

I wonder if you intend to implement a feature to verify the validity of a digital signature or view its certificate like other readers have such as PDF-XChange Viewer?


Recently, I was forced to download adobe to verify digital signature of a document. It will be nice if that feature is added in the upcoming updates.



I am not the developer so can not speak with authority,
However that is a function proprietary to Adobe (and their licensed collaborators) that may depend on background scripting features that have not been added to SumatraPDF (thus SumatraPDF is lightweight and more secure)

Additionally signatures have reputedly been “worked around” so it would be double pointless to add a worthless feature. For more on this issue see


I wouldn’t go so far as to declare that digital signatures are completely worthless. Also, as kjk stated MuPDF already has the ability to verify digital signatures. However until #344 is closed all folks can do is wait: