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I thought I would share what features I’m implementing and will show up in upcoming 3.2 release.

In Sumatra you can create favorites i.e. bookmark pages in a document and use them for fast access in the future from a Favorites tree view:

In 3.2 managing favorites will be a little bit easier.

You can now add a given page to favorites (or remove it from favorites) with context menu accessible with right-click:


You can also show / hide favorites from the same context menu.

You can also add favorites from context menu in Bookmarks view:


Those features are available for testing in pre-release builds:


Hi, just to report a small bug related to this feature in 3.2:

  1. Add a favorite → ok
  2. Show Favorites → ok, shows the Favorites panel
  3. Try to navigate to the favorite from the Favorites panel → doesn’t work
    It works fine when selecting a favorite from the menu though.

Thanks for the feedback

It does “work” (after a fashion) but I agree its very difficult / not easy / not intuitive

To get any improvement it needs to be compared with the current daily code. Especially note there was a change to tree control only one day ago.

It can depend if bookmarks are also showing as that adds another “via” into the key sequence.
Use any means to show favorites but if not using a mouse and not visible then in English the shortcuts to toggle ON/OFF are either ALT A S OR new MenuF
To set the focus you may need to use variable numbers of Tab(→)
from a default position
1st tab is page number
2nd tab moves to find
3rd is Either Bookmarks (if there is an outline in current file) or Favorites Pane
4th Favorites Pane

And here is where the problem arises since the expectation is as a tree control it should be navigable like the outline pane above it, and in the past it was.

So I have to agree there is a regression, but the aim is to pick a favourite and that still works by selecting the first letter (same as other listings) the difference was in the past it did not trigger straight away and you could move between entries.

I have opened as a fresh issue