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I wonder, do you have plan to improve management when multiple PDF files are open?
Currently when I open 20 PDF’s tabs where document name is shortened so I can’t be sure which document is which. Would it be possible to have small arrow at the end, or start of tab list which would open document list with entire document name, so I can select there correct document?

Second, is it possible to implement search than continues on other open documents? Again, since I use many PDF documents at once, would it be possible to implement, checkbox at Find textbox, so when selected search would continue on next document?


  1. Many requests to improve simply telling you which files you have opened
    the code for showing a name in tooltip over tabs has been available for a very long time but it needs someone to devote their time to compile and ensure it works in all cases. The simplest way at present, for a user with daily version, is to adapt one of my addins, so as to list and select from the current tabs.

  2. Search “across pages” (thus also “across files”) is not always available since memory allocated to holding the plain text in the background has to be balanced with the vaster amounts used by the graphics that represent text.
    What you see is primarily non searchable pixels, the characters that create the words for searching are not generally visible.
    SumatraPDF has an optional iFilter for explorer to search / index words across a system drive / folder etc. however internally (unlike Acrobats heavyweight phrase searching function) SumatraPDF does not attempt to slow down to do more lookback/ahead than is essential.


Thanks for reply!

  1. Then I will wait to see if anyone can implement this.

  2. I was more thinking, just to move to next file and repeat same search if checkbox is selected, nothing advanced. But I do understand your point regarding memory management.



It does that but not guess which file for you
I can move through files with ALT or select files to open or tabs … and even though the find box may disappear for comics etc the find box term is retained and can be used in turn within each file, It should NOT be automatic just in case I wish to go back and forward by modify phrase slightly, remember it is an on the fly , one hit wonder so is very simply string matching forwards F3 or back Shift F3 within the underlying content from the current position (thus can not pre-empt where you as navigator may wish to go next) you decide where the search starts and goes next.

P.s. don’t forget that if you select some text then press CTRL F and there is an existing search term you need to hit Del and CTRL F again
However its quicker to / Del first then paste current selection with CTRL F