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Hi all:

Background: Dell Latitude 5580, Windows 7 64 bit, new.

It came with Adobe Reader. I deleted it as I wanted Sumatra. Installed Google Chrome. Don’t ask why! I went to Google Chrome settings and changed PDF settings to “Download PFD files instead of automatically opening them in Chrome”. I installed the latest issue of SUMATRA. I moved a file named “BiG World Project v18.pdf” from other computers where the icons had the yellow PDF icon and Google Chrome set not to automatically open PDF files.

Now the file will only open with Google Chrome. Deleted Google Chrome. Deleted Google folder from the Program Files (x86) folder. Searched for Google and Chrome and could find no other references. Rebooted the computer.

Now no matter what I do, I cannot get SUMATRA to associate with the file above. It continually associates with Google Chrome, even though i believe I have totally removed from the Dell computer.

I love SUMATRA. Any suggestions on how to get SUMATRA associated with the file instead of Google Chrome?

Thanks for any help,


Since this is Win7 the following should work:

First close all open instances of Sumatra. Next go to C:\Program Files\SumatraPDF or C:\Program Files (x86)\SumatraPDF or wherever you’ve installed Sumatra, right-click SumatraPDF.exe and select Run as administrator. Click Yes if prompted by UAC. Now in Sumatra go to Menu > Settings > Options and click the button that will make it your default PDF reader. Ok your way out, close Sumatra and check whether double-clicking PDFs opens them up in Sumatra or not.


Hi All:

I got an off brand flash drive from my brother-in-law’s computer stuff when he passed away last year. I do not know why, but it would not allow PDF files to attach to SUMATRA. I replaced the flash drive with a dozen of my flash drives and they all worked.

I took a hammer to his flash drive and all is fixed. His flash drive now has a reason for not working. By the way he was a very good electrical engineer and like to mess up computer parts.

Thanks for the comments,