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Hi guys.

I have folders containing .pngs within a master folder that I want to be able to display like below.


my issue is that the drag and drop is working fine if I drag in each subfolder manually however it will not let me get the categories to the left hand side like the above image. Instead they are across the top in toolbar format.

Is there anyway I can get these toolbars to appear as sub-categories on the left instead as seen in picture one?



I would say generally no as the ability to open images as Zip CBx or folder does not handle “nesting”. As you observe each has a separate Tab

There is a pre-release “Virtual” PDF feature that allows nesting BUT it does not expect to be abused for images, is unwieldy for most users to make work with image folders, and may be withdrawn anyway as its experi(tempera)mental.

The nearest solution is
If you load each folder as a Tab you can save a “Favorite” (say the first image) with the folder and a “category” name

P.S. you can

> Save As

a folder of Pictures AS a Pdf, then play with the virtual PDF nesting but the PDF has NO bookmarks, so that needs some “fettling” to get working


Just to prove the point here is an example of such above mentioned heavy abuse. Note the images are in folder “holiday 1” and “holiday 2” but the folder names or image names need not be visible. The edits are not easy but could be automated using cmd scriptlets.

NOTE) I crashed out several times getting it right, SO that you don’t annoy the bug tracker with constant crashes I strongly recommend you are “offline” if you “try this at home”