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I just translated in Corsican the 4 latest strings, including Expand All and Collapse All.

I made some tests using dailybuild 3.2.11849 and noticed there was two additional strings - Export Bookmarks and New Bookmarks - for which translation is not possible yet. Do you plan to localize them?



@kjk if you do here are the Irish equivalents

Collapse All=Laghdaigh Gach
Expand All=Leathnaigh Gach
New &window= Fuinneog &nua
Show in &folder =Taispeáin san &fillteán
Export Bookmarks=Easpórtáil Leabharmharcanna
New Bookmarks=Leabharmharcanna Nua


@kjk If you do, the two missing Corsican strings are:

Export Bookmarks=Espurtà l’indette
New Bookmarks=Nove indette


Thanks for helping translate Sumatra.

Some features are experimental in which case I’m not immediately enabling translation of related text. This minimizes work for translators because those strings might change or be gone entirely.

If I decide that the feature will be released, I’ll enable them for translation.


@kjk Thanks for clarifying. Happy New Year! Patriccollu.