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Hello. Please add the ability to print pages in reverse order. This is necessary to print the pages on both sides of the printer. For example, first I put the even pages in the print settings in the reverse order. After printing, I turn the stack of sheets and the box down into a tray with paper and print not even in the usual order. The truth sometimes it is necessary to turn pages, but it is often printed as it is necessary and in the output tray ready sheets to immediately consolidate them with a stapler.


I would also like to see this option in the printing dialog, preferably in the “Advanced” tab where the choices for “Odd pages only” and “Even pages only” reside.


This most likely depends on your printer driver. When I select my printer from the list in the Print dialog and select Preferences or Properties, I then see various printer-specific options including Print Order under an Advanced tab.

You can also use the -print-settings command-line option with a reverse range like “10-2” to print in reverse order.