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the thing i liked about 3.1.2 over the current version is that when you press continuous and fit to width. Sumtrapdf fits width for the widest image. Which means that image different sizes have black background at the sides. Single images should be slightly zoomed out whilst double pages should be fit the entire width.

Now i like the new one that because that means i don’t need to bulk resize.

I would really like a feature that can adjust the zoom of Single pages separately from double pages. like if the double pages are 1920x i would like to zoom single pages to 1600x.

a zoom feature similar to that would be preferable.


Previously, Sumatra assumed a common zoom level (zoomReal) for all pages. The main problem this caused was that in Continuous Page view mode with Fit Width, single (narrower) pages ended up way too small in case there were double-page (much wider) spreads. Thus for years the demand was for Sumatra to implement an independent zoomReal for each page. This was finally done and the related issue was closed:

Keeping this in mind, it’s highly unlikely for the dev to revert back to the old (and obviously problematic) zoom method.

Now if you want an independent per-page zoom in Single Page view mode, I guess you can try to convince the dev to reopen the following issue:


Yes i actually like the fact that there is an independent zoom i just wish that for continuous mode the single pages don’t take the full width.

If the height is bigger than the width its a single page, width is longer its a double page.

I just wish that i could put single pages at 75% width of the screen whilst double pages took 100% of the screen width.


The next best thing you can do right now is turn Zoom > Fit Width off and set a Custom Zoom percentage to whatever makes the double pages fit horizontally at your current resolution. That way the double pages will take 100% of the screen width while single pages will take 50%. If the latter are still readable at that zoom level then great, otherwise you can increase the zoom percentage so that single pages take up 75%, but that in turn will mean you’ll need to pan horizontally to view the full double-page spreads.


My suggestion would be set your default zoom for the singles e.g. desired 75%
you can also add that to the zoom values in advanced settings

Then on a double spread page hit fit width that way you get all that you desire.