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I would like to point out that the main site uses some technologies that are not supported under Windows XP:

I am not sure if the problem is well-known.


Are you speaking from experience or just based on what’s written on that page?

I assume that latest version of Chrome and/or FireFox that is available on XP would work, because it’s a browser thing, not OS thing.

If someone uses a browser that doesn’t support cloudflare’s ssl, then they don’t see a lot of internet and I’m not going to bend backwards to support them.


If I hadn’t run across the problem, I would never have traced that page. Any Blink-based browser, including Google Chrome, shows this error message:

A relevant discussion:

Mozilla Firefox does open the site, but I would rather download Sumatra PDF from a third-party site than use a rustier and clunkier browser, which Firefox is.