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Home / The homepage is jolly confusing


The homepage presents a partial screenshot of the program. That screenshot is not labelled as a screenshot. Hence people will be inclined to think that its elements are clickable. They are not. This seems a pretty gross bit of gratuitous confusion, if I may say so. That page is also pretty ugly, in my view. So, surely, some changes are in order.


Where is Sign out or log out ? Why does it have to be hidden behind icons that dont’ mean anything ?


Thanks for your feedback, you may note the “confusion” has been reduced by labelling as screenshot as suggested.
Aas to “ugly” personally although not the author I dont have a problem “in the eye of the beholder” with the developers layout.

The layout of this forum is dictated by the Discourse Platform so although the bannerline can be different the structure for log in / log out is just the same as say