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Hi, everybody. Tell me please. The document has a diameter icon. Like this:


But for some reason on one PC Sumatra PDF displays it, and on another PC it does not:


Instead of the diameter icon it is blank or sometimes this is the symbol: Ç

As I understand it to create this file is used - Haru Free PDF Library 2.3.0RC2. Fonts are embedded in the pdf. What should I do? Adobe Acrobat displays this icon.

Source pdf is here.


It is most odd
the translated output in some fonts will often appear when copied as plain text Ç 14,57 (that also happens with acrobat) but agree nothing may be seen in latest SumatraPDF versions such as 3.2, and also nothing shown using MuPDF 1.17 (which is the engine SumatraPDF uses) thus appears to be a bug in MuPDF
However I do see it was shown correctly as Ø 14,57 in earlier version 3.1.2
I will raise this as a fresh issue at


In latest pre-release builds some embedded font characters are not displayed.
For example -
Rasterized PDF -


3.1.2 was fine, 3.2+ (including latest prerel-13190) exhibits issue.

Edit: Merged with existing thread (see comment below).


Most likely same issue as reported above.

In my daily CAD package the Dia symbols show in recent SumatraPDF without problem, but they are not an Arial font object (which is my clients required default font).

Although supposedly imbedded that custom symbol does not show in all pdf readers.

Since both files show that symbol when copied as Ç and were written by same Haru PDF Lib (which appears not to be under current maintenance) it may be worth considering a different way of generating those CAD PDF s here I simply replaced one with the Arial dia. symbol which works on any windows PC:


Note this visual omission has been fixed by MuPDF update (SumatraPDF 3.3.13290 daily and later) now the embedded Ç will be shown visually as Ø.

Note for similar such cases it is best to use a more universal source font for embedding critical symbols.