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First of all, thank you VERY MUCH for the best PDF viewer for simple operations! Similar delightful light-weight experience such a IrfanView for pictures. Even though the power in computers have gone up, it seems they are making more bloated software then in the earlier days (Windows 7 / Windows XP). This is a refreshing change to that bad trend. Very well done here!

Now for few the suggestions:

  1. Sumatra PDF is simple, straight-forward and light-weight, and i’d like that to shine even more. I find that the Toolbar is somewhat bothersome. Extra bar with not much content there. Often i keep it hidden. Could the Toolbar be combined with the Main Menu items, so there’s just one bar?
  2. Right-click for document Properties? I’m my opinion it could be moved there entirely. Many more functions could be added there aswell. Toggling on/off menus, for example Favorites. Would save space. Favorites could also be brought under right-click.
  3. Dark theme?
  4. I’d really like this sort of functionality:
  • The document automatically opens to Presentation mode. This behavior could be changed from the options.
  • By hitting ESC, the document and program closes. Hitting any other key jumps back to normal view.
  1. More information for the document. DPI, color space, etc. It would be very nice to toggle on some document info (page size, DPI, color space) to show on top of the PDF (maybe lower-right corner?), in certain viewing modes. Maybe a transparent text over image, could be toggled from right-click menu on and off (or by holding a shortcut key).

That’s about it for now. I’m loving it! Thanks.


Hi I will try to answer some of your questions

  1. many users request more or less toolbar design, for the present it is unlikely to change see
  1. Right click could be expanded however it is surprising how many ways it is already used see
  2. there are several ways to change colours in SumatraPDF and several users have come up with different solutions see New feature request: Dark theme / Night mode
  3. add a shortcut that includes after sumatraPDF.exe -presentation -esc-to-exit %1
  4. there were experimental versions to show more info but at present its just [Ctrl] + [D]