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Long use SumatraPDF, very fast and comfortable software.
Thank you very much
ps sorry for my english :smiley:


Thanks from me too.
Great work.


@kjk I´m recent user fron SUMATRA PDF and I´m falling in love for it.
I passed long hours looking for some like it.
For read cbr and e-pub. And Sumatra has pdf reader plus adition.
I going to use it a lot.
thank you sincerely


I like how fast and lightweight it is, and the lack of visual clutter. Thank you for creating it and thanks to all contributors :heart:


You said it for me. I have signed up to this forum just to say a huge thank you to the author. I was getting so fed up with all the stuff around the edges of the the most commonly used pdf reader. Now I can run an application AND show the pdf help. This is exactly what I was looking for- it is like the author read my mind as well my pdf - very clearly without error.
It makes my own applications pdf help look good too - because you can see it alongside the application simultaneously. I will be recommending Sumatra PDF to my users without doubt. Its use of display space is wonderfully efficient and that is really appreciated, furthermore it is of very high quality and perfomance. It is the work of a perfectionist who enjoys their craft.


Best. PDF. Reader. PERIOD.


It’s been a few years I’ve been using Sumatra now. I’ve 1st seen it on Ninite. So I told myself: “Well, it is sponsored on Ninite, it surely will be good”.

Thanks for all the hard work so far. Congrats on everything that you’ve reached until now. :+1:t2:


[Made This Account to Say Thank You]

Literally destroys Adobe Acrobat Reader! Adobe makes trash UIs, shockingly enough as they of course develop Photoshop/other related tools… ironic. Anyway thanks for creating this, this has made .PDF reading for school bearable for me.