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hi there,

First hand, wishes for the outstanding product. thank you for such a great tool…

it opened even a 143mb pdf instantly… as a pdf viewer/reader it outperform every other counterpart in this aspect… such a blistering speed…

now to my query…

I try to close all the open pdf’s with the Ctrl+Q command but only the current document was closed, leaving behind the rest.

My Settings:
I have disabled the Tab View & disabled the “reopen the recent documents”

that’s it
thanks in advance

that IS odd
just tested tabs off on windows 10x64 with version 3.12 and with 4 separate multiple windows all closed together with or without reopen recent

what version SumatraPDF and OS are you using

hi there,

thanks for the response…

I’m using the same version 3.1.2 64bit & yeah i agree its bit odd…

& i think i found the solution

while i was digging regarding this in the advanced settings, there i found an option

ReuseInstance = false

and i noticed in the task manager, for every pdf opened, a new instance of program was started, since the Ctrl+Q command only terminates the current instance, this odd reaction was observed.

i have also tried to change that option to “ReuseInstance = true” before posting this query here, but the only thing i missed was not restarting my pc

but now i sign-out of my session and re-login, now the Ctrl+Q close every document, since those docs were opened in one single instance.

thank you,
have a good day…

one more thing,

did you also changed this option …!
did you opened all those docs using Ctrl+O Command…

Why i’m asking is the Ctrl+O command uses only one instance for all the docs

and i don’t know why this “ReuseInstance = true” setting wasn’t a default one…! ! ! ?


I did not change reuse instance
so all 4 files show up as sub processes under one instance in task manager and ctrl Q closes all open files together, If I run 3 separate groups of 4 files then only the four in the instance with focus will close,

so consider Ctrl Q as quit ONE instance against w to close ONE file

yup, that’s right…

if the pdf’s opened from within the application using Ctrl+O, then all the documents use one single instance…

But when the pdf’s opened directly from explorer, then by default, every pdf’s opened will be under a new instance of the application until the option under Advanced Options changed to
“ReuseInstance = true”

good to know that…